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5th/6th League MSLax Rules  


For 5th/6th, US Lacrosse Youth Rules will apply with certain specifications and modifications.  

  • No Checking Allowed
  • Regulation Stick Pocket
  • NEW 3 PASS RULE as of APRIL 2014:  Three complete passes is all over the field & can start with a pass from the goalkeeper.  Also if nobody is around to defend the attack player receiving the pass and it is a bounce ‘pass’, this should count as a pass as well.  Again, this is when no defender is around.  If there’s a scrum for a ball after it is dropped after a pass, the count starts over.  Refs should count out load "1, 2, 3..." so the players can hear them.  Again, this rule applies throughout the 5-6 level game no matter what the score is to help them develop passing & catching skills.
  • US Lax approved goggles and mouth guards to be worn at all times. Mouth guards must fully cover the upper jaw teeth and be of a visible color (not white or clear).
  • No Deputy Goalies
  • No jewelry.
  • All teams are encouraged to send older students and adults to umpire training.  MLUA will schedule umpires. Umpires must be members of US Lax. 
  • Home teams are responsible for providing scorer, score board, scorer's table, timer, time clock, and substitution markings (substitution area in front of scorer's table) a medical kit, umpire shirts/whistles/cards(if official umpires are unavailable), and numbered pinnies if applicable. Teams should expect to play approximately 1/2 of games at home.
  • If a team does not have a home field, games may be played as "home" on an opponent's home field. The visiting "home" team will be responsible for providing/paying for umpires and providing the above items.
  • 4 & 8 Rule to apply: If the winning team is ahead by 4 or more points, the losing team will get the ball on the draw. If the winning team is ahead by 8 or more points, the losing team will get the ball on the draw PLUS the winning team must complete 3 consecutive passes before shooting on goal.(Violation of this is a minor foul: Other team gets the ball at the site of the shot on goal and any goal would not count.)
  • Coaches, please familiarize yourselves and your players with the 3 second rule. Umpires should blow the whistle upon the count of 3 for girls who cradle the ball in one posistion while being defended. Players must shift the position of the stick or the whistle will be blown.
  • Any player who receives 2 yellow cards shall sit out the rest of the game. Coaches/Refs should report any red cards (player name & jersey number) within 24 hours to:   Coaches are subject to the same red card and yellow card calls and penalties (see US Lax Women's rules).  Coaches can receive red cards as a result of unruly fans. Note: Effective 2009 a team will play short from the first red card issued (3 minutes) and the carded person is ejected and cannot participate in the following game. 
  • Games will be 2 - 25 minute halves, running time. Each team is entitled to 2 - 2 minute time-outs per game.  5 minute half-time or as specified by umpire.  NO overtime; ties are counted as ties.
  • All players must be members of US Lacrosse or members of fully school sponsored teams, for insurance purposes.
  • Players may not play down to this division. For the Spring Season up to three 4th grade players may play up if the coach determines that they can safely compete at the 5th/6th level. Teams may request permission from the board to roster more than three 4th grade players.  Summer Season teams are for girls who have just completed 5th & 6th grades.  Associations with two or more teams need to have an even mix of 5th and 6th graders, experienced and novice players, and need to make sure the teams are as even strength as possible.
  • Up to 3 non-team players may be substituted by a team short of players. Substitute players must meet all the above criteria and only be used if the short team has 16 or fewer players. In addition, 7th & 8th graders who play at the high school level shall not be substituted in.
  • Games may be played with fewer than 11 X 11 players (plus goalie) upon mutual agreement of coaches. Otherwise, a team short of players will forfeit.
  • If a team needs to reschedule due to poor weather, the home team coach must contact the visiting team coach to reschedule at a mutually agreeable time and place. The home team coach is responsible for notifying officials of changes.
  • If officials are not notified about a game cancelation and arrive at a field, they are entitled to payment.  Also, if a game is called for weather and officials are on field, they should be paid.
  • Re-scheduled game information should be requested by filling out the "Reschedule Game Request" tab on the MSLax web site.  Games that are not canceled due to inclement weather are subject to a $10 rescheduling fee.
  • Games scores should be reported by the winning team within 24 hours by going to "Game Results" tab on the MSLax web site.  Or follow this link:  When reporting scores, the following information must be reported:  date of game, home and visiting team, scores for each team and contact information for the team reporting.
  • Teams are asked to accommodate smaller than regulation field sizes, if regulation fields are not available, in order to develop the sport for the middle school girls. However, fields deemed unsafe for play by either the opposing coach or official umpire shall play less than 11x11(+goalie), by mutual agreement, or the home team must forfeit.
     Other US Lacrosse youth B rules apply as per rule book