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3rd/4th Grade League
 Play and Game Rules

For 3rd/4th grade, US Lacrosse Youth C Rules will apply with certain specifications and modifications.
Adopted from

  • Other US Lacrosse youth C rules apply as per rule book

Field Dimensions and Goal Set-Up

  • Field Size is 60-70 yards x 30-40 yards (width can remain the same as women’s field if desired) 
  • Fields need not be relined (can be with a different color paint).
  • TIP: Leave 1 existing arc and fan and walk out 30 yards from existing length (roughly the top of the existing 12 meter arc). 
  • Must use small disc cones (for safety) to make a new crease and center circle. Large cones for an end line.

OPTIONAL to make an 8 meter fan.    

  • Goals must be flipped upside down so the net is now in the shape of a Triangle.

Player Rules

  • 7 players vs. 7 players (no goalies)
  • Regulation stick pocket
  • US Lax approved goggles and mouth guards to be worn at all times. Mouth guards must fully cover the upper jaw teeth and be of a visible color (not white or clear).
  • No jewelry
  • No Checking Allowed
  • No Covering or Raking the ball
  • All players must stop moving when the whistle is blown indicating a foul.
    • TIP: Remind your players to follow this rule by saying “red light. green light”.
  • 4 Meter rule: after any whistle is blown indicating a foul, the player with the ball must be clear of both her teammates and the opposing players by 4 meters.
  • The umpire on the game will give specific directions if the fouling player must go 4 meters in the direction they came from (Minor Foul) or 4 meters behind (Major Foul).


  • 3 Second Checking rule: there is no holding the ball for more than 3 seconds when *marked up by an opponent who is in a safe checkable position.
    • Umpires should blow the whistle upon the count of 3 for girls who cradle the ball in one position while being defended. Players must shift the position of the stick or the whistle will be blown.
    • The umpire must count out loud & signal indicating the player must move their stick out of a checkable position before blowing the whistle. Minor Foul.


  • Goal Circle (crease) rule: no player can enter the crease during play.
    • Defender enters crease: Minor Foul and attacker is placed on the 12 meter and an indirect free position.
    • Attacker enters the crease: a free position to the defender closest to the top of the 12 meter (roughly).
    • If the ball rolls into the crease without entering the goal, the whistle is blown and the ball is given to the defending team at the top of the 12 meter (roughly).


  • 3 Attempted Passes rule: each team must make three attempted passes before shooting on the goal.
    • The passes can occur anywhere on the field.
    • If the team did not have 3 attempted passes it is considered a no goal and the closest opposing player is given the ball on the top of the 12 meter (roughly).  
    • The umpire will count out loud for the number of passes attempted.


  • Free Draw rule: due to the lack of an official score board, it is up to the umpire’s discretion if he or she believes that 1 team is at a disadvantage for offensive opportunities.
    • The team’s center is automatically given the ball on the draw.
    • The opposing center will be 4 meters away towards her defensive end, at a 45 degree angle.
    • (This rule is to replace the 4&8 Rule)


  • Shooting Space rule: a player may not stand in the free space to the goal is she is not marking an opponent within a stick’s length. This is to keep defenders safe and to encourage safe shooting by the attacker.


  • Shooting rule: if the attacker shoots over or through any player who is not within a stick’s length of the attacker, this is considered a Major foul on the attacker.

Additional Rules

  • NO 3 second’s defending rule: at this age level only.
    • Encourage your players to mark up and stay goal side defensively.
    • Remember shooting space IS a rule so players cannot stand in front of the goal deflecting shots.
  • Substitutions are allowed “on the fly/move” but encourage your players to completely run off the field before the substitute enters the field.

*Marking up means the defender is matching herself up within a stick’s length to an opponent.
Yellow Card Rules

  • Yellow card rules are the same as all other youth leagues: if a yellow card is issued the player must stand next to the Timer Table for 2 minutes of elapsed playing time without a replacement substitute.
    • Check to the Head
    • Dangerous Follow Through
    • Dangerous Propelling
    • Slash
    • Rough/Dangerous Check
    • Cross-Checking
    • Illegal Contact
    • Illegal Use of the Stick
    • Hooking
    • Reach Across the Body
    • Modified Checking Violation (repeated offender)


  • Coaches are allowed on the field to direct girls during the game.
    • Recommended to stay on the sidelines if there is only one coach to keep the substitutes also engaged in the game.
  • Coaches, please familiarize yourselves, your players and parents with the rules highlighted above.

Game Information and Cancellation Policies

  • Games will be 2 - 20 minute halves with running time with 2-minute stop time in last 2 minutes of each half.
    •  Each team is entitled to two - 2 minute time-outs per game.  


  • Games may be played with fewer than 7 vs. 7 players upon mutual agreement of coaches. Otherwise, a team short of players will forfeit.  It is encouraged that if a team has no substitutes and one team has many, share some players for more playing time.


  • Spring Season games will be played in late afternoon and evening on weekdays and on Saturdays.  Summer Season will play games on Mon-Thu evenings only.


  • If a team needs to reschedule due to poor weather, the home team Coach and/or Club Representative must contact the visiting team contacts to reschedule at a mutually agreeable time and place.
    • The home team coach is responsible for notifying the assignor of changes who will try to assign the same umpires.


  • If officials are not notified about a game cancellation and arrive at a field, they are entitled to payment.  Also, if a game is called for weather and officials are on field, they should be paid.


  • Re-scheduled game information should be requested by filling out the "Reschedule Game Request" tab on the MSSLax web site.  Games that are not cancelled due to inclement weather are subject to a $10 rescheduling fee.

Team Info and Responsibilities

  • Teams should expect to play approximately 1/2 of games at home.
    • Home teams are responsible for providing a volunteer Table-Timer, table, time clock, sheet of paper and pen, a medical kit, and numbered pinnies if applicable.
    • If a team does not have a home field, games may be played as "home" on an opponent's home field. The visiting "home" team will be responsible for providing/paying for umpires and providing the above items.


  • A “Table-Timer’s” responsibilities include keeping the time, keeping score, record the player number and time if a yellow card is distributed, & notifying respective team or player of when they can enter the game again after a penalty.
    • If a player is issued 2 yellow cards, consult the umpire, because she is ejected from the game.


  • All players must be members of US Lacrosse or members of fully school sponsored teams, for insurance purposes.