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Our Philosophy

Lacrosse Monkey provides a comprehensive system for lacrosse development which ensures that each player is taught the fundamentals of lacrosse with accuracy and confidence until it becomes second nature. Lacrosse Monkey believes that the younger a players begins to work with our methodology, the greater the advantage the player will have to develop to her fullest potential. We strongly believe we can develop a competitive lacrosse program starting with world class coaches who build an athlete’s desire to compete and give each player an extensive lacrosse IQ.

Our Methodology

Each program encompasses our 4 founding principles:



By beginning with the fundamentals of stick skills and emphasizing them throughout our practices using our method called “The Program”, players will have a solid base from which to grow.


We will equip our players with the necessary workouts and drills to bring them to top speed. In addition, we will focus on the agility of our athletes as well as their overall fitness.



Each player will receive instruction of the most organic skills. Our focus will begin with defense and move up the field to the attack. We will create the total player.  



We strive to develop the WHOLE player. The personal confidence in lacrosse skills is

fundamental to becoming a strong player and person. 




K-2 Grade  - Form a Lacrosse Base (Little Laxers)

  • Cultivate a passion for the game
  • Build a Relationship with the stick
  • Fundamentals


3 - 5 Grade - Foundation Building (11U)

  • Technical
  • Work Ethic
  • Team Play


6-8 Grade - Growth Stage (13U-15U)

  • Improve decsion making
  • Strengthen LAX I.Q
  • Develop Competitive Spirit


9-12 Grade - Peak Performance (19U)

  • Develop/adapt
  • Elevate / Win
  • Compete